My Family Tree and Me at the Georgetown Library

Large square with blue outer boarder and black inner boarder around a lime green square tiny white polka-dots.  Inside the borders at the top of the green square is " My Family Tree and Me. A Genealogy Sleuthing Class for Kids!" in large black font.  Underneath that, and on the left side of the square is "Saturday, March 24, 2018, 11:00 am" also in black font.  To the right of that is a black oval.  Inside the black oval is "Use your detective skills to uncover your ancestors!" in black font.  At the bottom of the square, in the left corner is "All participants will receive their own genealogy journal.  This program is for kids ages 7 - 14.  Registration is required." in small black font.  To the bottom right is a drawing of a family tree chart and magnifying glass.

This is a free class, but registration is required.  To register, call the Georgetown Library at 937-378-3197.