Internet Use

Internet Use:
Before using the library's computers, you must read the Internet Use Policy and sign the agreement form. The Internet Use Policy is as follows:
  • The mission of The Brown County Public Library is to enrich lives by providing diverse and easily accessible materials, services, and programs in an atmosphere that encourages the free flow of ideas. We offer our collection and services to educate, inform, enlighten, and entertain the residents of Brown County so that knowledge and inspiration shall be in reach of every man, woman, and child in this county in perpetuity. It is within this context that The Brown County Public Library offers access to the internet via the Ohio Public Library Information Network (OPLIN). 
  • Disclaimer is understood by users of OPLIN and the internet that most of the information available is not generated by the Brown County Public Library or by OPLIN. The Library, through OPLIN, provides access to reference databases of general and special periodical materials, reader's advisory services, homework centers to assist students with research assignments, and legislative, historical, and archival materials and information.
  • Information available through OPLIN and the internet is not warranted by the Brown County Public Library or OPLIN to be accurate, authoritative, factual, or complete. The information is not endorsed or ratified by the Library. The Library and OPLIN are not responsible for the content of the networked information available. 
  • All users of this service agree to hold The Brown County Public Library and OPLIN harmless from any and all claims, losses, damages, obligations or liabilities directly or indirectly relating to the use of OPLIN and the internet, caused thereby or arising therefrom. In no event shall The Brown County Public Library or OPLIN have any liability for lost profits or for indirect, special, punitive, or consequential damages or any liability to any third party, even if the Library or OPLIN is advised of the possibility of such damages.
  •  The use of OPLIN and the internet to engage in any activity which constitutes violation of local, state, and/or federal laws is strictly prohibited. 
  • All Internet users must have a valid Brown County Public Library card. First time users will receive a copy of this policy and OPLIN access information.
  •  The internet computers will be used for educational, informational, and recreational purposes only; not for unauthorized, illegal or unethical purposes. Users may not send, receive, or display text or graphics that may reasonably be construed as obscene. Violators will receive one warning, and at the second violation, internet privileges will be revoked for up to 30 days. Further abuse, misuse or willful disregard of the rules for use of the library's internet and OPLIN access will result in loss of internet privileges.
  • The patron uses the Internet at her/his own risk. As with other library materials, it is the patron or the parent or legal guardian of minor children who assumes responsibility for supervising access to internet resources in the library. 
  • To help assure fair access, use of the internet computers is by appointment. Patrons may sign up for one 30-minute time slot per day and remain on the computer if there are no subsequent appointments. Appointments are held for only 5 minutes. Library staff reserves the right to limit patron's time on internet computers during periods of heavy demand. 
  • Patrons may not install software or save data on library computers. Patrons must provide their own storage device for downloading information. The library is not responsible for damage to a patron's storage device, or for any loss of data, damage or liability that may occur from patron use of library computers. 
  • Patrons may not change the configuration or set-up of any software or hardware on library computers. Patrons may not connect their own equipment, such as laptop computers, to library network equipment. 
  • A maximum of two people may use a computer at one time; staff may restrict computer use to one person at a time.
  •  Printing costs are ten cents per page for black ink and thirty-five cents per page for color ink.
  • There will be occasions when the internet will not respond due to technical or others difficulties. In these instances, the regular schedule will remain in effect, and lost time must be rescheduled.
  • The library and OPLIN do not provide service or support for electronic mail accounts for the public.

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