Jaybird Farms at the Georgetown Library

A large Square seperated into three parts.  The left half is split into two equal squares, on on top of the other.  The top square is lavender with an aqua border.  "Infusing Your Kitchen with Lavender" in white font.  below the lavender square is a photo of a row of lavender in a field.  The right half of the original square is a long rectangle.The border of the rectangle is aqua plaid with a lavender band around the inside.  Inside the border it says " Carey's Cooking Corner welcomes" in lavender font.  Below that is an aqua curly-q design, followed by "Jaybird Farms" in lavender font, and another aqua curly-q design below.  Underneath the designs is "to the Georgetown Library" in lavender font; and "Friday April 6, 2018, 2:00 pm" at the very bottom in aqua font.

Source URL: https://browncountypubliclibrary.org/content/jaybird-farms-georgetown-library